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We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, boats. Do not use outdoors. Refer to Assembling your Breville ikon When the safety locking arm is not locked into supported by the container support extending from Juice Fountain (page 7). Ensure the ikon Juice Fountain is correctly Step 2 disassembled. Refer to Disassembling your Breville The filter bowl surround, juicer cover and pulp ikon Juice Fountain (page 11). Remove the pulp container by tilting the base away container are dishwasher safe (top shelf only). The safety locking arm may not be correctly engaged Try a slower juicing action. We have 3 BREVILLE Juice Fountain Multi-Speed BJE510XL manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Book, Manual. The Juice Jug lid can be used to avoid any splatter. Alternatively you can fit the custom-designed juice nozzle over the juice spout and place a glass underneath. Please try again.Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Please try your search again later.The Breville BJE510 Juice Fountain Multi-Speed with variable speeds is a smart juicer that adjusts speed to extract the maximum juice with minimal waste. A built-in smart chip increases power to the cutting disc under heavy loads so juicing is accomplished as efficiently as possible. Juicing Versatility and Power Fruit is largely composed of water, but its selling point is its nutritional value. How do you extract the juice from fruit, without leaving the nutrients behind. Breville’s Nutri Disc and patented juicing system extracts more nutrients than other juicers and transfers less than 1.8F of heat to protect enzymes and maximize nutrient absorption of select nutrients. The 900 watt motor has speeds ranging from 6500 rpm for softer fruits and leafy greens like cantaloupe or spinach to 12500 rpm for maximum extraction from denser foods like apples or beets.

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A smart chip allows the juicer to sense the load and adjust power accordingly, making juicing more efficient. The uniquely designed juicing system features an extra-wide feed chute that is centered over the shredding disc. This allows for more efficient juicing than systems that introduce ingredients on the side of the shredding disc. Nutri Disc with titanium-reinforced blades shreds both hard and soft fruits and vegetables with ease The 900 watt, high-grade 5 speed motor features a built-in electronic smart chip that increases power to the cutting disc under heavy loads. As a result, the filter extracts more juice and can make an 8 oz.Product features: Heavy-duty 900 watt motor with variable speed control from 6,500rpm to 12,000rpm: 5 speed selector with LCD juicing speed guide to help maximize juice extraction Patented extra-wide feed chute (3” wide): juice large fruits and vegetables with little to no cutting or preparation Patented direct central feed system for maximum juice extraction Nutri Disc with titanium reinforced cutting blades, which ensures the blades stay sharper for longer, and stainless steel mesh filter basket for spinning out the pulp Noise and vibration control: patented unique direct central feed system, which centers the chute over the Nutri Disc to minimize vibration and noise Heavy grade polymer body for durability Premium materials combining high grade stainless steel and die-cast alloy for durability. Stainless steel body, micromesh filter, cutters, and engineering-grade polymers 1. http://xn--d1abbmjpxlh.xn--p1ai/userfiles/file/brother-gl-100-manual.xml

2 liter juice jug with froth separator Large capacity pulp container with integrated handle Cord storage: the power cord wraps around feet and clips into position under the base for a reduced counter-top footprint Safety Locking Arm prevents the juicer from operating without the cover locked into place Overload protection prevents over-heating, automatically shutting the machine down when it senses that the machine is overloaded All materials that come in contact with food are BPA-free, ensuring safe use Easy clean-up with the included cleaning brush.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. AM 5.0 out of 5 stars I have some idea of comparisons. 2.) Unless you are following the Gershon lifestyle SAVE your money and DON'T buy a Norwalk. They're fabulous machines and top-quality (with a price that commiserates), but they are huge, cumbersome and more difficult to use. I've also used a Champion juicer.there are die-hard fans, but I can't get into the Champion line of juicing. They are better built, easier to clean, and IMO more sanitary. Once I'm finished juicing, I rinse the parts in warm water, brush the basket, and toss in the dishwasher. Easy-Peasy! 2.) The dial to control the speed is a really big plus for me and one of the main reasons I chose this model. You can really dial-it-down for greens (kale, spinach, etc.,) and extract more green from the leafy goods. This also allows it to really knock out its competition of other machines that tout their slower masticating features. This now essentially does both. 3.) The puree blade: This is simple to use, just set it in, instead of the razor basket, and it does a superb job at making baby foods, applesauce, frozen banana 'ice-cream' etc., etc.

This feature was the second major reason I chose this model. I own a Blend-Tec professional blender and the previously mentioned Norwalk. This Breville is on par with those items (at a fraction of the costs) with its ability to keep up and literally chew through anything I've put in there without issue. Again, for so little money more, it's worth having the larger, more capable motor which was the third big selling point from my perspective. 5.) For some reason, this machine does not heat up your juices (which is VERY good). I've tested the temps and they're minimal (2-3 degrees warmer) than your starting point. This matters for those who juice a lot that don't want to loose nutrients. Even at the higher speeds for 1-2 hours of juicing there was minimal heating up. Kudos to Breville on this. Not even the Norwalk (to my surprise and dismay) can keep up with that!!! CONS: 1.) For me, at this point, there aren't any. I'm a critic and would be the first in line to offer anything I didn't like or felt was a ripoff. But I'm sincerely pleased and impressed with this juicer. One of the few things (kitchen gadgets) I've purchased in the last couple of years that has been this well rounded, with a good design, and most importantly worth the money.I received a recommendation for this juicer from a friend who had been using an earlier Breville model for many years, and as soon as I received this model, I knew it would also last many years. I haven't experienced any of the problems mentioned in the negative reviews and have a suspicion that most of them are results of misuse. For example, I have been using the product daily for a long time and the mesh basket still looks brand new. This is because I soak it in warm soapy water after each use for 5 min, then scrub with the brush that Breville provides. The people who said the condition of the mesh basket quickly deteriorated probably did not take the time to clean it properly immediately after each use.

Another problem that people mentioned in negative reviews is the motor stalling. This may be because the users turned on the machine with food already in the chute. If you read the instructions however, it mentions that you should never start the machine with the chute loaded. Always drop the food in after the blades are already spinning. This is VERY IMPORTANT and many people fail to read this before they try the juicer. A few tips if you buy this machine: - Be careful if you juice directly into a glass and not the covered pitcher. If you want the machine to last, don't push it to it's maximum capacity for every use. - The manual says the clear parts are dishwasher-safe for the top rack, but my dishwasher did not get the centrifugal part or the spout clean. I would recommending rinsing all parts with warm water immediately after use. - The clear produce bags from the grocery store make excelled liners for the pulp container. No need to buy the expensive liners from Breville.If you're comparing this unit to other juicers, they just don't compare. This one comes with a puree disc for the softer fruits and veggies that otherwise would end up in the pulp bin. Swapping between discs is super easy, there's no screwing bolts or anything like that, they simply drop-right in and off you go. I love the extra-wide chute that accommodates many items whole, and enables faster juicing and less prep. I appreciate the stainless steel construction, which does not stain and cleans very nicely in the dishwasher. The included pitcher is handy for separating the foam so you can pour a glass of freshly squeezed juice without the foam layer. I really like the speed control, which improves the effectiveness of juicing a variety of items from hard to soft. The machine is super safe, and will not run if anything is out of place. My only complaint is the NOISE. Wow it sounds like I am running a jet engine in my kitchen, but it's only for a few minutes. Was this review helpful.

Give me a YES vote!Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Not sure if it's going to do this with all other vegetables or if it's the texture of the carrot pulp that makes it stick or what. Otherwise it does a good job, I get more juice than with my other masticating juicer, but I've noticed the juice flavour is much more vibrant with the slow juicer, if I hadn't tried both I probably wouldn't have noticed. The carrot juice from the centrifugal is more bland in comparison. I add ginger to help that out. Cleaning it is a bit of a pain as I clean it daily, if you use it every few days it probably wouldn't be so bad. The orange stain from the carrots has built up mainly in the little spout the juice comes out of, which I find particularly hard to get into to clean. Some might not be bothered by this, it's only an aesthetic issue. I have tried some vegetable oil on a paper towel to remove stains and this works quite well. I have seen others use Oxyclean to soak parts in (beet stains for example) for general cleaning of juicers not this one specifically. But haven't tried it as for now I'm trying to use more natural products. The mesh filter is turning orange, and I might have to resort to this eventually. The brush is handy. In general I'd say this juicer does a good job, and doesn't take up as much space as I thought it would on the counter.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again My first juice was effortless and fun. Before deciding on this product I read many reviews, blogs, and watched YouTube videos on various products. I then went to the store to compare various brands, including several Breville brands for ease of assembly, cleaning, etc. All in all, this product is great. The previous reviews were not joking in claiming this machine is much quieter. No, it's not silent, but in comparison to many other machines, including the Juiceman, it's quiet. Not to mention, my other half was sound asleep and only 10' away without a stir.

So yes, it's rather quiet. My first juice with this machine included one cup of fresh beet greens and one cup of fresh basil, and this machine chewed it up without issue, actually processing it, not just spitting it out fully intact like the other machines. The clean up is nice and easy, about 10 min. The reality is that the clean-up is rather comparable to most pulp ejection juicers, BUT, this machine doesn't have any of those nuisance joints, cracks, or indents where the food is trapped like in other machines. And I very much like that the food chute is stainless steel to meet the blade bowl. The design of this product is very well thought out. I am ecstatic to have the Juice Fountain Multi Speed as a part of my continued path to better health. Thank you Breville for a fabulous machine. It's worth every penny!Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I tried to keep the pulp to use in other recipes, but that too, was a lot of work. Place a plastic bag inside the pulp section and that helps with clean up. I think I would have been better to have bought a VitaMix unit and drank the pulp (all the good nutrition there)Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Still in my kitchen. I don't use as much as I used to, but the thing has gotten somewhat consistent use for the 7 years I have had it and it still works great. In the disposable society we live its a good feeling to own a product of lasting quality.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I found that because the motor is basically to the right pulp tends to pile up on the left quite easily. I had to quickly open it to push the pulp down. Besides that its a pretty awesome juicer.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again It's my first juicer and I did quite a bit of research before buying it. After using it for a week, I'm thrilled, and I've just ordered another one as a gift for my mom. {-Variable.fc_1_url-

It works beautifully - I've probably had more vegetables in the last week than I have in the last month. It's so easy to get nutrients from vegetables and fruit with this machine. Easy to clean, easy to put together. The only issue I have had is that I used a compost bag to line the pulp container, as someone else suggested in their review. It's worked very well except for one time when I left the liner a little too puffy at the top. It got sucked into the machine as soon as it started up which meant I needed to take it apart and clean the filter carefully. But this was my error - so just wanted to add it to my review so you won't make the same mistake. Use the liner bag, but make sure it's tucked in nicely into the pulp container. I love this machine - so glad I bought it.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again So you can drop a whole apple and it does all the work. Really handy and well designed. Juice is perfect! Very happy I chose this particular model. Comes with a one year warranty from Breville themselves so you don’t have to buy a separate company one. Also comes with a juice recipe book which is greatSorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Recomiendo ampliamente el producto. Recomendado para aquellos que quieren cambiar su vida.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Anyway, the Breville BJE510XL is a really good product, made in USA, good material, not too loud and easy to clean. I like the display with the adjustable speed that allows you to manage the proper speed for any kind of food. With my juicer, began easy and fun preparing 5 or 10 juice for day. Really recommended.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I use it quite often (mostly in the mornings). I put all kinds of hard veggies in it and its amazing. This is the only juicer anyone needs!! Easy to clean too!! Great buy and great quality!Sorry, we failed to record your vote.

Please try again We gave our Jack Lelaine Juicer away as this Juicer is stronger and so much more powerful than the others. Sounds like a jet taking off even at half speed and does a fabulous job of juicing anything we've tried so far.and that's a lot. We veggie juice every day and add fruit as well. Takes minutes to get a glass of great juice from prep to sipping (very little prep needed). Love it and would recommend it to anyone.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again It is as quiet as any juicer can be. It is very fast, and the pulp is quite dry. The clean-up is very rapid, all you have to do is rinse it under running water and it is clean because nothing sticks to it and there are no corners for pulp to get caught up in. I don't us a dishwasher. Just be very carfull to no brush your fingers against the blades because they are VERY sharp. Also I really like the plug on the end of the cord, it is so easy to grasp. The variable speeds are very nice and I think aid in getting the most juice from the fruit and vegetables. It is a nice looking unit also. Would I buy again? Oh yes! Definitely a winner. I have had other brands through the years but this is the best!Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Received the juicer lightning fast from Prime and set it up and then we juiced. Cleaning only 4 parts so it’s very easy, performance has 5 setting for all different types of fruits and veggies. Don’t hesitate just buy you won’t regret it.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Breville IKON BJE510XL. To start viewing the user manual Breville IKON BJE510XL on full screen, use the button Fullscreen.

However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. You do not have to print the entire manual Breville IKON BJE510XL but the selected pages only. paper. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Review First, the filter bowl and filter basket are each placed on the motor base. The filter bowl rests on the outside perimeter of the motor base while the filter basket is fitted to the motor coupling located at the center of the motor base. Next, the juicer cover is placed on top of the filter bowl. The final part that needs to be fitted to the main assembly is the pulp container. It is simply placed underneath the part of the juicer cover that extends from the main body of the juicer. Everything is then “locked” into place by lifting the safety locking arm from its initial horizontal position to a vertical position in which it clamps down on the top of the juicer cover. Note that the locking arm can be set to this vertical position before the pulp container is fitted to the main assembly. In other words, these two steps are interchangeable. You can either fit the pulp container first (as we just described) or put the juicer’s safety locking arm in a “locked” vertical position first. Finally, the food pusher should be placed inside the juicer’s feeding chute and the included juice container should be placed underneath the juicer’s juice spout. This completes assembly. Contrary to what we described earlier, the safety locking arm is pulled up into a vertical locked position next (top right). Note that this step can be completed before or after the next step which is to fit the the pulp container underneath the cover (bottom left). Finally, the food pusher can be placed in the feeding chute and the juice container underneath the juice spout (bottom right). The nozzle is designed in such a way that it directs juice coming out of the juice outlet in a straight downward direction. Normally, juice exits the juicer at a high velocity and at an angle through the juice outlet. This juice then “sprays” over a large area on the inside wall of the included juice container. The juice container has a large diameter and is fitted with a lid to prevent this spray from creating a mess on your kitchen countertop. By fitting the included rubber nozzle to the juice outlet, the juice exiting the juicer is redirected in a straight downward direction, which doesn’t necessarily reduce the velocity of the juice, but does reduce the diameter of the juice “spray”, allowing the user to collect juice in a glass or cup. Because there is such little variance in the parts used to assemble this specific type of juicer and the way in which they’re fitted together, there is also very little variance in the difficulty of fitting together those same parts. What we can tell you, is that assembling a centrifugal juicer such as the Multi-Speed is generally a little bit easier than assembling a slow juicer. So, if you’re comparing this juicer to any of the slow juicers we’ve tested, know that assembling the BJE510XL is slightly easier than assembling a typical slow juicer. We juiced five different fruits and vegetables of varying shapes and sizes when we tested the BJE510XL’s performance. Only one of those fruits and vegetables required any cutting at all before it could fit into the juicer’s 3-inch diameter feeding chute. We juiced rather large sized Red Delicious apples which required that we cut them into quarters before they could be juiced. Cutting them into halves wouldn’t have been sufficient as doing so would have kept their large diameter intact. By cutting them into quarters we cut the diameter of the apple pieces in half. At half-diameter the apple pieces fit into the juicer’s feeding chute quite easily. Since feeding chute size is the primary factor dictating food preparation requirements, you can get a good idea of how such requirements compare between different juicers by comparing the size of their feeding chutes. The tables below show feeding chute size for some of the most popular juicers we tested in addition to food preparation requirements for each juicer. For an explanation of “time to cut” vs. “avg. time to cut” see here. Second, note how the slow juicers in the tables above have much smaller diameter feeding chutes and much more extensive food preparation requirements. Finally, note the additional time that such requirements add to the overall juicing experience. The fruits and vegetables used for testing were carefully selected to each be unique in size, shape, and consistency. Because the BJE510XL is a multi-speed juicer and for the sake of giving it to the best chance to succeed and produce maximum yields, we made sure to set it to the speed recommended by its manual for each individual fruit or vegetable. For example, the juicer’s manual recommends that it be set to speed 3 for juicing peeled oranges. Thus, when juicing oranges, we made sure to set the juicer to speed 3. This new yield is what we refer to as “after sieve” yield in the tables and discussions that follow. The same sieve was used for all tests for all juicers, to ensure that we could use after sieve yield as the best means to compare yields between different juicers. Out of juicer yield often varies according to how much pulp the juicer allows into the extracted juice. Juicers with greater out of juicer yields are not necessarily extracting more juice. They may simply be introducing more pulp into the juice. Since most of the pulp content of out of juicer yields was collected in the standard sieve we used for testing, after sieve yields represents a virtually pulp-free juice. Thus, if you want to compare the actual juice yields of different juicers, focus on after sieve yields instead of out of juicer yields. The BJE510XL was the only Breville juicer we tested that did not consistently outperform juicers from other manufacturers in those same tests. The Multi-Speed garnered below average results in two tests, average results in another two tests, and above average results in only one test. The other Breville centrifugal juicers we tested garnered above average results in at least four of the five tests. Its only above average result was for juicing apples. However, its apple juice after sieve yield was still only good for last place among the five Breville centrifugal juicers we tested for review. They are, in fact, far below average. The Multi-Speed’s after sieve carrot juice yield of only 6 oz.Almost equally disappointing is the Multi-Speed’s after sieve celery juice yield of only 10.3 oz., a yield almost 3 oz.Soft fruits will often require a speed setting anywhere from 1 to 3. Depending on which speed setting is selected yields can vary. Especially hard produce such as carrots and celery always should be juiced at the maximum speed setting of 5. Thus, no scenario exists in which we could have possibly juiced either carrots or celery at a lower speed setting and possibly obtained better yields. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the picture below showing the amount of this pulpy puree we collected in the sieve. Compare the amount of pulp (3.1 oz.) in the Multi-Speed’s out of juicer carrot juice to the 0 oz.We give the Breville BJE510XL a well below average 2 out of 5 for overall performance. After testing the juicer’s performance on one countertop, we moved the whole juicer, fully assembled, to another countertop next to a sink in which we eventually cleaned all of the juicer’s parts. We then proceeded to clean parts that required actual disassembly. To begin we first moved the juicer’s safety locking arm from the locked vertical position back to an unlocked horizontal position. Each part was cleaned in the same order it was removed from the main assembly. So, we first cleaned the juicer cover, then the filter bowl, then the pulp container, and lastly we cleaned the filter basket. Cleaning the filter basket last allowed us to leave it in the sink to soak for a few minutes while we were cleaning the cover, filter bowl, and pulp container. The filter basket is by far the most difficult part to clean. Giving it a few minutes to soak in warm soapy water goes a long way in making cleaning it at least a little bit easier. As we filled the sink with water we added a soap (a mild detergent) to the mix. To clean almost all of the juicer’s parts we first placed them in the warm soapy water (we also removed pulp from those parts that required it) before washing them clean with a microfiber cloth. Most parts were then rinsed under running water under the faucet before being placed on the counter on the other side of the sink on a dry towel to air dry. Breville includes the same specialized cleaning brush with all of the centrifugal juicers they sell. We used this cleaning brush to scrub the BJE510XL’s filter basket clean of accumulated pulp and juice stains. The plastic bottom piece of the filter basket (the part that is secured to the motor coupling on the motor base) has white arrows that are there to help users properly align the filter basket to the motor coupling during assembly. These white arrows stained orange (right after we juiced carrots) during testing. All five of the Breville centrifugal juicers we tested have the same white arrows on their filter baskets and we observed staining on all five of them during testing. Matte plastic trim pieces, the pulp container, and the food pusher are all grey in color, the juicer cover and filter bowl are clear, while the rest of the juicer’s parts are all made of stain resistant stainless steel. We did not observe any staining of these other parts during testing. On the top of the cover, around the feeding chute is a matte plastic grey trim piece with warnings that are written in white. It’s quite possible that these warnings could stain over time (should carrot juice or some other stain inducing juice spill onto this part of the cover while you’re juicing or cleaning the juicer). We observed the same with the BJE510XL’s cover and filter bowl. The cover gets hit with the pulp that sprays out of the filter bowl up and into the pulp container. The filter bowl is continuously hit with juice that sprays out of the filter bowl’s fine mesh. The problem is that cleaning them with even the softest of soft cloths (we used a microfiber cloth) scratches the plastic surface of each part. The scratches are difficult to see from afar, but upon close inspection they are highly visible and detract from the overall appearance of the juicer. We find it unacceptable that these scratches occur, especially considering the fact that the juicer’s manual advised to wash all parts in “warm soapy water with a soft cloth” exactly the same way we did during testing. We had to clean each juicer we tested multiple times during the same day in between each of our juicing performance tests. Sometimes we didn’t clean it quite as thoroughly as we could. When we did so (didn’t clean it very well) we observed smudging in several of the BJE510XL’s cover and filter bowl’s nooks and crannies. Is this something that occurs when the juicer is washed and dried with perfect technique? No.